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Welcome To Vision Street Newsletter.

We hope this little newsletter brings you valuable information about vision, your eyes, and other important issues relating to your health.In this first issue we'll talk about normal vision and what you should know if it turns out that what we describe as normal doesn't match your personal experience. Not experiencing all the things we call normal doesn't mean your visual health is in trouble. On the other hand, if it doesn't, you should put special attention on having your eyes examined . . . Just to be sure. 

Kids and Kids Vision. 

Aren't kids amazing? They have wonderful resilience. They bounce back "lickity split" after illness. But, when they don't . . . well, we parents can use sort of a checklist to go by.A child sitting in the back of a classroom should be able to see the chalkboard with no problem. But, when they don't, it's tough to find out. 
What might help is a "kitchen sized vision chart." to spot potential trouble. So, here's a little help. Decide where you can tape the chart we attached to this newsletter. Open it up and print it. It's in Word format. IT SHOULD BE 20 FEET AWAY. And, whatever you do . . . Don't keep the chart hanging there. Junior will memorize it, and that's not fair! Ask your child to cover his left eye, read it and then read it with the other eye covered. If your child has some difficulty seeing line #3, we suggest you see Dr. Ngala or your family optometrist. Don't wait for your school nurse to call you. At certain times of the year the nurse's office is full with kids and the flu. So, the work load for the school nurse can be pretty heavy. Of course, if your child doesn't pass the kitchen test.ask the school nurse to take the next step. 
If school's out for the summer, ask you family doctor to take a closer look or see Dr. Ngala. There are other signs of possible visual problems:Poor grades, Reluctance to Study, Falling asleep while studying,and Headaches. If you notice any one or more of these signs, make an appointment with your eye doctor. If you have any questions about your child's vision and need to know things are OK, give us a call and we'll set up a basic exam and screening. Dr. Ngala is great with kids and knows what needs to be done real fast. 
One more point: Not all kids are lucky enough to parade around with Calvin Klein or Nike or Nautica eyewear. And, when they do it's a status thing. To some of them, looking good is better than seeing well! What-everrr!!!!!! And, some kids want to walk around with cartoon colored eyes. That's another big thing. We see kids all the time wanting "Wild Eyes" contact lenses that make them look like cats!If that's what it takes for them to see better and get good grades . . . Well, Mom and Dad . . . It's your call! We have some special offers that might make the whole experience more affordable. Hope you can use it. 
Thanks, and, "see" you next month.

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